Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fight on

I recently read a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, called "However Long and Hard the Road" .
What a powerful testimony of diligent hope and perserverence.
This was my favorite excerpt from the talk.  Read it.  I promise it will guide you.

"As you wage such personal wars, obviously part of the strength to "hang in there" comes from some glimpse, however faint and fleeting, of what the victory can be. It is as true now as when Solomon said it that "where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18). If your eyes are always on your shoelaces, if all you can see is this class or that test, this date or that roommate, this disappointment or that dilemma, then it really is quite easy to throw in the towel and stop the fight. But what if it is the fight of your life? Or more precisely if it is the fight for your life, your eternal life at that? What if beyond this class or that test, this date or that roommate, this disappointment or that dilemma, you really can see and can hope for all the best and right things that God has to offer? Oh, it may be blurred a bit by the perspiration running into your eyes, and in a really difficult fight one of the eyes might even be closing a bit, but faintly, dimly, and ever so far away you can see the object of it all. And you say it is worth it, you do want it, you will fight on. Like Coriantumr, you will lean upon your sword to rest a while, then rise to fight again"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Eliza

One of my very best and dearest friends Rachael had her baby!  
How cute is this little princess?
Welcome to this world Eliza Taylor!
I cannot wait for Auntie Anna to meet you. (I'm so baby hungry.)
...and might I add, you look completely adorable in the little ruffled Ralph Lauren onesie I sent you! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Continue in Patience

Heavenly Father is real.
He has a plan for YOU.
He knows YOU, and knows YOUR potential.
"Gods promises are not always fulfilled as quickly or in the way we would hope.
Keep the commandments. Trust in God. Serve Him. Exercise faith and hope in the Savior
and NEVER give up."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Spaces

I know I've neglected my blog as of late,
But I've had a few changes and would love to give you the update. 

I found a job thats perfect for me,
Equipped with my own office, window and key.
The kitchen is stocked with unlimited food,
and free chocolate always puts me in a good mood.

All the people I work with are so fantastic,
It almost brings me to tears. (Sorry, I dont mean to be dramatic.)
Event planning has always been my dream. 
and thus far it has been pretty supreme. 

Things ALWAYS work out
and I know thats cliche.
But, I have since learned
to NEVER doubt. 

Moving to Salt Lake City has been been another BIG change for me.
It has taken me some time to have it feel like my home...but I'm getting candle at a time. 
With the help of some nice new blinds to cover my very public and open windows and some nice mood lighting (key to making any home feel like a home.) 
I am slowly getting more used to my new space. 
Change is hard. 
But I truly believe that it's through change, that good things come.
and boy do I know that, GREAT things are happening. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him

This video and its message gave me chills.  I am especially grateful for this time of year, and the opportunity we have to focus on the most precious gift given to all mankind.  Jesus Christ, our Savior.

What a miraculous life we have been blessed with.  What a glorious knowledge we have that Heavenly Father lives.  He sent his son down to Earth to preach among the people, and show us the way.  He died so we can live with him again.  He died so we can have eternal families.  He died so we can become Gods and Goddesses.  He died for YOU and for ME.

I am filled with gratitude this year for all the many blessings I have.  May we all appreciate a little more fully all that we have, and all that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have done for us, and recognize his every presence in our lives.  May we seek for opportunities to serve our fellow men, and may we ever continue to seek Him.

"Remember the season and echo the reason for His miraculous birth."

Merry Christmas to All!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Picture Perfect

(I need to detach myself from my phone)
This picture makes me wanna go back to Alaska
The cheese to my Mac

Still proud of this sign we made for Kirstins wedding
The most magical place on Earth. Learn more about it here!
Missin the sunny San Diego weather from a couple weeks ago
and my friends
I'm baby hungry. But how can you not be when you look at these little tater tots
cousin lovin
on grandmas golfcart. (We find joy in the simple things.)
Grandmas yard. One of my top 10 favorite places. 
Welcome to the 21st Century
The snuggly Scooter

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Extra Towel

Birthdays are such a special time of the year. When you receive presents from people you dont expect and expect presents from people that you dont receive. Not that birthdays are all about the presents, but it's a good way to begin my story. 

This year I received a special present that I am so thankful for, not because of what I was given, but because of the story I am now able to tell and the lesson I will now be able teach to my future daughters.

I have had one massage, before this year. Freshman year boyfriend. Bless is married heart. That massage was nothing less than perfect. Full length fuzzy robe. Foot massage and peanuts to get me going. Running waterfall and Yanni playing in the background. A completely enclosed and private changing room, bathroom, waiting area, and massage room. I felt safe. At ease. and I felt completely comfortable removing my underpinnings for the reassurance I would be 1. fully covered by a clean crisp blankie and 2. rubbed down by an every so sweet Polynesian woman. 

The blanket was lifted as each limb was massaged. When completed, the blanket was then placed back over the newly rejuvenated and oiled up body part. This method proved successful for both the massager and massagee. I felt modestly naked. and I LOVED it. Needless to say the massage was perfect. I was a happy, beaming, oily, jellyfish of a woman. I couldn't have asked for more. 

So, this year, when I found out I was given ANOTHER massage for my birthday, I was ecstatic. A sense of nostalgia for that lavender scent and trickling water rushed over me. I was ecstatic because my high quality, top notch massage was all I knew. I had nothing but the highest expectations.  

You can imagine my apprehension as I walked into Square1Fitness. A gym the size of my bedroom, full of bald, greasy, oversized bicepted men. I should have guessed it was going to be like this when I called to schedule the appointment and the man answered..."Yo! dis is da fitness centa.  How big you wanna get today?" 

I filled out my "form" describing "what I wanted to get out of the massage today" as the axe-smelling men creeped in and out of the front door. As I was directed into the top of the massage table was a...hand towel. 
"You can put your clothes on the chair, and put the towel over you and i'll be back in a second," said the small yoga practicing french man, who knew only broken english. 
"uugghmm....Im sorry..but put what towel over me?" said the timid, modest, naive, innocent little girl. (slight over-dramatization)

He was indeed talking about the small hand towel, that apparently was meant to cover my... unmentionable. 

I made the educated decision to leave my bottom parts on, leaving me only halfway....vulnerable. Anywho.  Without going into too much detail, I was unable to ever fully relax my mind, body, and conscience. Don't get me wrong, the massage was nice...and professional of course.  But I learned my lesson. A lesson to teach my daughters. 

Unexpected presents leave you with unexpected experiences. Never trust a massage from a sweat infested arena. and ALWAYS have an extra towel in your car.