Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knock on Wood.

Once upon a time, I had many single girlfriends.
and now that time is over.
the end.

During that time, like most girlfriends, we joked about never finding Mr. Right, and being single for the rest of our lives. (I should have knocked on wood.) Anywho...I bought my friend a book. about finding Mr. Right. And I thought it was so appropriate, I bought myself the book too. I found this treasure the other day, and thought it was so pathetic that it still completely and 100% still applies to my life 3 years later...and quite frankly..it kinda makes me feel better about my life. as sad as that sounds.
So ...I would like to share it with you. For all those women...who forgot to knock on wood.

So you feel like all your friends are merrily coupled...
and you keep attracting the wrong kind of people.
Everyone seems to be luckier in love than you.
People tell you you're too picky.
But you're just putting your foot down.
They tell you to put yourself out there.
but you've dated plenty.
You just havent found the right connection.
Or they weren't exactly mental giants.
and you are.
If you happen to find someone who sees things the way you do....
then they dont live up to your family's expectations.
And so it's back to the old drawing board.
You spend hours trying to better yourself.
You hone your many qualities.
You develop new hobbies.
And people misinterpret your intentions.
Your friends set you up with the "perfect match"
Which leads you to continue trying on your own.
Some say men are all dogs.
and girls are too catty.
They are quick to point out how we are different.
without ever celebrating our similarities.
You've tried everything.
And so there are times when you are ready to throw in the towel.
But don't give up.
Give people a chance.
Don't limit yourself.
be willing to give a little.
Change your routine.
Get rid of old baggage.
Don't rush things.
It will be worth the wait.
Let them know you're worth it.
and so are they.
Remember they're all princes.
or NOT.

So there you have it ladies. Words from the wise.
Love is just around the corner.

but until then...i'll just fantasize about kissing my hot boyfriend on a bike at the beach.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Carbonation Hiccups

In a world full of Diet Dr. Pepper addicts, Diet Coke connoisseurs, and Mountain Dew maniacs, I have never been a huge pop fan. (yes, I still call it pop).
Carbonation gives me the hiccups, and quite frankly the burps.
please excuse my unladylike-ness.
However, I have recently been informed that NOT
consuming this carbonation goodness is craziness.
Thus, I was introduced to:
The one and only Coke Zero. Apparently this stuff is magic. Makes you float. Makes you fly sky high. Gives you life. After weeks of coaxing, I gave in. I was weak. I stooped. I settled.
I tried the darn thing.
and I must admit it was good.
But I did still hiccup...a lot. (The kind that hurt.
The kind that scare you..even though most of the time you see it coming.)
and I did still burpie just a wittle bittie.
Only time will tell of the addict I very well may soon become.
Until then..I'll have my usual...cold water with a straw and a lemon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sugar headache

"Annie Nannie...guess what I got this weekend!!! You'll never guess!"
"What did you get?"
"I'll just show you"

*runs up the stairs in pure excitement and
almost trips coming down due to too much speed in too much pajama pant*

"A GIANT JAWBREAKER!! I bet my sister that I could finish it in 1.5 weeks...and I KNOW I can do that...because you see that crater right there? I did that in just 2 days."
Nothing says sugar headache more than a 10 pound sugarball.
Best of luck to ya Kade.
I'll cut you up some fruits and veggies in efforts to curb the effects of consuming that ball of disgustingness.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The most important men in my life

Happy Father's Day!
I am so extremely grateful to be related to such incredible men!
My dad is the most selfless, spiritual, hardworking, loving men I have ever know.
He radiates goodness.
(plus...can you say HOTT? They are one good lookin' couple.)
I am so blessed to be his daughter and to continually be taught by him.
Likewise, my grandfather has been an incredible example for me throughout my life.
He has led an life of service, love, work and joy.
I can feel his firm testimony radiating through him
and his relationship with Heavenly Father is so easily recognized.
Aren't they just beautiful together?! Definitely the classiest, most glamorous couple I know.
These men have set the bar. Set the standard.
I couldn't have asked for more wonderful priesthood leaders to have in my life.
What a blessing it is to have fathers here on earth.
To have the priesthood always available to us.
I love you dad! I love you grandpa!
Thank you for your lifelong dedication to the gospel, and your families!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Annie Nannie

Sometimes I forget I have a blog. Or maybe it's that my life just isn't as exciting anymore.

When I was in New York, it seemed as if everything I did was a dream come true..therefore broadcasting my daily "duties" to the whole World Wide Web only seemed natural? Make everyone aware of my incredibly awesome adventures, and let's be honest ..make certain people were incredibly jealous.

Welp..those times past. Sad.but true. I have moved on to more..local..mommy-esque endeavors.

You can officially call me Annie Nannie. (the kids came up with that one. clever right?) It makes it even better when they occasionally add Fanny as my middle name. Cute.
(at least it's not Nanny McPhee)
I am sure learning lots. Being a mommy is fun. It means I'm in charge and I like that.
It also means that I'm supposed to know how to:
get kids immunized, get lumps removed from dogs hips, fix a broken pool, pretend like I know how to cook meaty meals and pretend like
THIS is work:
I truly am grateful for this opportunity. Kids are so smart. So clever.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. and I am continuing to learn the reasons why I am here.

So this summer will continue to be filled with:
consultations, Costco, cooking and cleaning.
I really do love all those words.