Friday, June 24, 2011

The Carbonation Hiccups

In a world full of Diet Dr. Pepper addicts, Diet Coke connoisseurs, and Mountain Dew maniacs, I have never been a huge pop fan. (yes, I still call it pop).
Carbonation gives me the hiccups, and quite frankly the burps.
please excuse my unladylike-ness.
However, I have recently been informed that NOT
consuming this carbonation goodness is craziness.
Thus, I was introduced to:
The one and only Coke Zero. Apparently this stuff is magic. Makes you float. Makes you fly sky high. Gives you life. After weeks of coaxing, I gave in. I was weak. I stooped. I settled.
I tried the darn thing.
and I must admit it was good.
But I did still hiccup...a lot. (The kind that hurt.
The kind that scare you..even though most of the time you see it coming.)
and I did still burpie just a wittle bittie.
Only time will tell of the addict I very well may soon become.
Until then..I'll have my usual...cold water with a straw and a lemon.

1 comment:

  1. Let me tell you where the magic is at... Diet Dr. Pepper. I will admit... I am an addict.

    Miss you.