Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sugar headache

"Annie Nannie...guess what I got this weekend!!! You'll never guess!"
"What did you get?"
"I'll just show you"

*runs up the stairs in pure excitement and
almost trips coming down due to too much speed in too much pajama pant*

"A GIANT JAWBREAKER!! I bet my sister that I could finish it in 1.5 weeks...and I KNOW I can do that...because you see that crater right there? I did that in just 2 days."
Nothing says sugar headache more than a 10 pound sugarball.
Best of luck to ya Kade.
I'll cut you up some fruits and veggies in efforts to curb the effects of consuming that ball of disgustingness.


  1. ha ha seriously. that makes my head and stomach hurt just looking at it! that thing is ginormous.

  2. you should have seen his dads reaction when he got that thing!