Saturday, June 18, 2011

Annie Nannie

Sometimes I forget I have a blog. Or maybe it's that my life just isn't as exciting anymore.

When I was in New York, it seemed as if everything I did was a dream come true..therefore broadcasting my daily "duties" to the whole World Wide Web only seemed natural? Make everyone aware of my incredibly awesome adventures, and let's be honest ..make certain people were incredibly jealous.

Welp..those times past. Sad.but true. I have moved on to more..local..mommy-esque endeavors.

You can officially call me Annie Nannie. (the kids came up with that one. clever right?) It makes it even better when they occasionally add Fanny as my middle name. Cute.
(at least it's not Nanny McPhee)
I am sure learning lots. Being a mommy is fun. It means I'm in charge and I like that.
It also means that I'm supposed to know how to:
get kids immunized, get lumps removed from dogs hips, fix a broken pool, pretend like I know how to cook meaty meals and pretend like
THIS is work:
I truly am grateful for this opportunity. Kids are so smart. So clever.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. and I am continuing to learn the reasons why I am here.

So this summer will continue to be filled with:
consultations, Costco, cooking and cleaning.
I really do love all those words.

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