Sunday, June 19, 2011

The most important men in my life

Happy Father's Day!
I am so extremely grateful to be related to such incredible men!
My dad is the most selfless, spiritual, hardworking, loving men I have ever know.
He radiates goodness.
(plus...can you say HOTT? They are one good lookin' couple.)
I am so blessed to be his daughter and to continually be taught by him.
Likewise, my grandfather has been an incredible example for me throughout my life.
He has led an life of service, love, work and joy.
I can feel his firm testimony radiating through him
and his relationship with Heavenly Father is so easily recognized.
Aren't they just beautiful together?! Definitely the classiest, most glamorous couple I know.
These men have set the bar. Set the standard.
I couldn't have asked for more wonderful priesthood leaders to have in my life.
What a blessing it is to have fathers here on earth.
To have the priesthood always available to us.
I love you dad! I love you grandpa!
Thank you for your lifelong dedication to the gospel, and your families!

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