Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Things that a 12 year old boy says: (all compiled in a 15 minute car ride)

ME:  Look Kade...there's a squirrel!  Do you see it?"
KADE: ehh..yea...but you see a squirrel once, you see a squirrel 1,000 times, like this one time I saw a Beaver in my backyard!"  

ME: Kade we need to wash your clothes!
KADE: Anna you're such a clean freak.  No..just kidding..if anyones a clean freak its definitely me.
ME: But hate showering..
KADE:  well..besides that. Like...if I see someone pick their nose and then they touch me..I automatically go rub it on someone else. 
Precise definition of a clean freak.

KADE:  Anna!  Quit being so Anna-Like!
ME:  What does that mean?
KADE:  You means like..being awesome. Everyone knows that. 
At least he has his pick-up lines down. 

ME:  Your dad comes home tomorrow are you excited?
KADE:  ehh kinda.
ME:  What?  Why aren't you more excited?
KADE:  To be honest might think this is a little bizarre...but I just cant stop thinking about this new video game.
Welcome to the priorities of a 12 year old. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall is my Fave

Most Pumpkin Bread!  What screams fall more than that!  Eat it now!
Best idea ever. Candy corn and flowers. 2 of my favorite inventions created.
My favorite fall outfit thus far. 
Cuddling in the crisp fall air. This will happen. Mark.My.Words.
Bath and Body Works fall candles.  A must have. Buy them here and now!
My first sighting of fall leaves.  This made my day. and believe me when I say..I needed my day to be made. "The Truck Story" is soon to come. 
J.Crew Fall Fashion Line. Yes please. 
So there you have it folks. A little fall-spiration. Cannot wait to put it into action.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. Reliable

First off, let me tell you a little somethin somethin about this friendly feathered fluff ball.
Mr. Bliss Bag has been my faithful sidekick for a good 4 years now. 
Always there for me when I'm in need of comfort. 

When I am down, he is always there to cuddle me. 
When I am excited, he is there to cushion my jumps for joy
When I am stressed, he provides me with an excuse to be lazy.
When I'm in need of serious movie therapy, he screams YES PLEASE!

See what I mean? Always so supportive of my feelings. 
Who needs humans when you've got an overly agreeable orb of luxury. 
It goes without saying, that Mr. Bag comes with me wherever I go.
Regardless of how difficult he may be to transport, he has proved necessary to my sanity. 
Demonstrating this paramount need is my skillful art of stuffing and rolling. 
He rolled up some hills, through some bushes, slide across some sidewalk 
and got stuffed into a car for 40 minutes
Then got rolled across dead grass, and almost smooshed a grasshopper, stuff again through my new front door and into my beauty of a new room. 
*Let it be known that I did this all by myself, thank you very much*
Totally worth it.  I know he will not let me down in my new territory. 
*Also, I promise never to refer to a ball of feathers as a human being ever again.*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Geddy gets me Giddy

Cheesy I know...but I couldn't help it. This past weekend, Jess and I (one of the most amazing girls I know), went to LA to visit REBBIE (another one of the most amazing girls I know.)
It was a much needed trip, and I am so grateful for the friends that I have there. 

We visited The Geddy Museum, and I couldn't help but snap pictures everywhere I turned.  It is honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. 
If you have never been...GO!  Your eyes will thank you. 
Thank you girls...for a trip full of Doritos, waffles, pancakes, Rolos....uhh....i'll stop there.
And since I've made driving to LA such a regular occurrence, i'll embrace it.
You better believe I'll see you next month! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My 2nd Favorite Place on Earth.

I love Washington. My second favorite place. 1st is Coloradical. Obviously. 
There is something about the ocean smell and old town feel that I crave daily. 
The San Juan Islands are where it's at folks.  I feel like a new woman when I'm there..and I like it. 
Here are some documentations of the trip. Warning..picture overload. 

Ol' town LaConner. In Love. We walked around the little shops and ate amazing sandwiches. 
And looked at little shops...with the bigger flower pots you will ever see. 
We became famous. 
And learned to appreciate the Canadian Flag...almost as much as the American Flag. 
We posed at our traditional ice cream spot...The Farmhouse. Best ice cream in the United States. 
My dad proposed.  
My mom liked it. 
We smelled lavender. Lots and lots of lavender. 
and saw and heard and felt more bees than I would have liked to. 
We basket weaved. 
We visited famous historical sights. Such as wear the British and Americans fought The Pig War. 
Yes...The Pig War. 
Went to Pikes Market. 
And smelled fish. and sweaty men. I love fish. not sweaty men. 
We saw cool barns. 
and I took artsy pictures of them.
We bowed to the church with a medical symbol and tennis symbol below the cross. 
At least he knows his priorities. 
We gazed into the deep abyss of the ocean. Ahh the salty ocean. How I love it. 
And every morning and every night we woke up and went to bed looking at this lovely view.  
I must admit we have one of the best seats in the house. 
I am one lucky girl. 
And this world is one lovely place. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Perfect Fit" - Kirstin and David

I know this is almost a month late...but here are the wedding pics....well..some of them at least. A little sample of pictures if you will. The wedding was beautiful. The bride was stunning. And the groom was as handsom as ever. I couldn't be happier. for these two love birdies. 
Got married in the Denver Temple for time and all eternity. No other way to do it folks. 
The cutest grandparents you'll ever lay eyes on.
Instead of a sign in book, all the guests stamped a leaf on this "wedding tree" and signed their name on the lead. clever clever. It turned out to be quite the full tree, and wonderful wall decoration. 
Peaches for the guests!  
Shoesies. A girls best friend. 
The wedding cakes and pies. I ate way too much of ...all of these that night. 
I got a little artsy fartsy on them. and they loved it. :) obviously. 
Cousins!  I have the cutest cousins in the world..and there are over 40 of them to choose from!
Our bouquets and all the flowers were to.die.for. Thanks to Erin Keller!  A mastermind she is. 
"Keys to a successful marriage" - everyone wrote advice on the keys and hung it over the door. 
(There ended up being way more than these three.)
Best Seesters/Bridesmaids in the world. If I do say so myself. 
Twas quite the event and we are so happy for it to be over :)  
Kirstin and David..welcome to blissful and eternal happiness