Thursday, September 8, 2011

My 2nd Favorite Place on Earth.

I love Washington. My second favorite place. 1st is Coloradical. Obviously. 
There is something about the ocean smell and old town feel that I crave daily. 
The San Juan Islands are where it's at folks.  I feel like a new woman when I'm there..and I like it. 
Here are some documentations of the trip. Warning..picture overload. 

Ol' town LaConner. In Love. We walked around the little shops and ate amazing sandwiches. 
And looked at little shops...with the bigger flower pots you will ever see. 
We became famous. 
And learned to appreciate the Canadian Flag...almost as much as the American Flag. 
We posed at our traditional ice cream spot...The Farmhouse. Best ice cream in the United States. 
My dad proposed.  
My mom liked it. 
We smelled lavender. Lots and lots of lavender. 
and saw and heard and felt more bees than I would have liked to. 
We basket weaved. 
We visited famous historical sights. Such as wear the British and Americans fought The Pig War. 
Yes...The Pig War. 
Went to Pikes Market. 
And smelled fish. and sweaty men. I love fish. not sweaty men. 
We saw cool barns. 
and I took artsy pictures of them.
We bowed to the church with a medical symbol and tennis symbol below the cross. 
At least he knows his priorities. 
We gazed into the deep abyss of the ocean. Ahh the salty ocean. How I love it. 
And every morning and every night we woke up and went to bed looking at this lovely view.  
I must admit we have one of the best seats in the house. 
I am one lucky girl. 
And this world is one lovely place. 


  1. I love the San Juan islands;) and WA. My first bee sting was in the San Juans!!!

  2. I agree with everything you said, except Washington is my first favorite place in the world. :)