Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Things that a 12 year old boy says: (all compiled in a 15 minute car ride)

ME:  Look Kade...there's a squirrel!  Do you see it?"
KADE: ehh..yea...but you see a squirrel once, you see a squirrel 1,000 times, like this one time I saw a Beaver in my backyard!"  

ME: Kade we need to wash your clothes!
KADE: Anna you're such a clean freak.  No..just kidding..if anyones a clean freak its definitely me.
ME: But hate showering..
KADE:  well..besides that. Like...if I see someone pick their nose and then they touch me..I automatically go rub it on someone else. 
Precise definition of a clean freak.

KADE:  Anna!  Quit being so Anna-Like!
ME:  What does that mean?
KADE:  You means like..being awesome. Everyone knows that. 
At least he has his pick-up lines down. 

ME:  Your dad comes home tomorrow are you excited?
KADE:  ehh kinda.
ME:  What?  Why aren't you more excited?
KADE:  To be honest might think this is a little bizarre...but I just cant stop thinking about this new video game.
Welcome to the priorities of a 12 year old. 


  1. Thank you Kade for the clarification of what Anna-Like really is. I was always confused on how to pinpoint what it really was.