Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fight on

I recently read a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, called "However Long and Hard the Road" .
What a powerful testimony of diligent hope and perserverence.
This was my favorite excerpt from the talk.  Read it.  I promise it will guide you.

"As you wage such personal wars, obviously part of the strength to "hang in there" comes from some glimpse, however faint and fleeting, of what the victory can be. It is as true now as when Solomon said it that "where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18). If your eyes are always on your shoelaces, if all you can see is this class or that test, this date or that roommate, this disappointment or that dilemma, then it really is quite easy to throw in the towel and stop the fight. But what if it is the fight of your life? Or more precisely if it is the fight for your life, your eternal life at that? What if beyond this class or that test, this date or that roommate, this disappointment or that dilemma, you really can see and can hope for all the best and right things that God has to offer? Oh, it may be blurred a bit by the perspiration running into your eyes, and in a really difficult fight one of the eyes might even be closing a bit, but faintly, dimly, and ever so far away you can see the object of it all. And you say it is worth it, you do want it, you will fight on. Like Coriantumr, you will lean upon your sword to rest a while, then rise to fight again"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Eliza

One of my very best and dearest friends Rachael had her baby!  
How cute is this little princess?
Welcome to this world Eliza Taylor!
I cannot wait for Auntie Anna to meet you. (I'm so baby hungry.)
...and might I add, you look completely adorable in the little ruffled Ralph Lauren onesie I sent you! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Continue in Patience

Heavenly Father is real.
He has a plan for YOU.
He knows YOU, and knows YOUR potential.
"Gods promises are not always fulfilled as quickly or in the way we would hope.
Keep the commandments. Trust in God. Serve Him. Exercise faith and hope in the Savior
and NEVER give up."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Spaces

I know I've neglected my blog as of late,
But I've had a few changes and would love to give you the update. 

I found a job thats perfect for me,
Equipped with my own office, window and key.
The kitchen is stocked with unlimited food,
and free chocolate always puts me in a good mood.

All the people I work with are so fantastic,
It almost brings me to tears. (Sorry, I dont mean to be dramatic.)
Event planning has always been my dream. 
and thus far it has been pretty supreme. 

Things ALWAYS work out
and I know thats cliche.
But, I have since learned
to NEVER doubt. 

Moving to Salt Lake City has been been another BIG change for me.
It has taken me some time to have it feel like my home...but I'm getting candle at a time. 
With the help of some nice new blinds to cover my very public and open windows and some nice mood lighting (key to making any home feel like a home.) 
I am slowly getting more used to my new space. 
Change is hard. 
But I truly believe that it's through change, that good things come.
and boy do I know that, GREAT things are happening.