Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Spaces

I know I've neglected my blog as of late,
But I've had a few changes and would love to give you the update. 

I found a job thats perfect for me,
Equipped with my own office, window and key.
The kitchen is stocked with unlimited food,
and free chocolate always puts me in a good mood.

All the people I work with are so fantastic,
It almost brings me to tears. (Sorry, I dont mean to be dramatic.)
Event planning has always been my dream. 
and thus far it has been pretty supreme. 

Things ALWAYS work out
and I know thats cliche.
But, I have since learned
to NEVER doubt. 

Moving to Salt Lake City has been been another BIG change for me.
It has taken me some time to have it feel like my home...but I'm getting candle at a time. 
With the help of some nice new blinds to cover my very public and open windows and some nice mood lighting (key to making any home feel like a home.) 
I am slowly getting more used to my new space. 
Change is hard. 
But I truly believe that it's through change, that good things come.
and boy do I know that, GREAT things are happening. 


  1. hey! i just came here via fbook! Looks like a really awesome job. Where's it at?? Glad things are working out! So true that they always do.

  2. i'm partially offended that our pizza picture is nowhere in your office or home.