Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Perfect Fit" - Kirstin and David

I know this is almost a month late...but here are the wedding pics....well..some of them at least. A little sample of pictures if you will. The wedding was beautiful. The bride was stunning. And the groom was as handsom as ever. I couldn't be happier. for these two love birdies. 
Got married in the Denver Temple for time and all eternity. No other way to do it folks. 
The cutest grandparents you'll ever lay eyes on.
Instead of a sign in book, all the guests stamped a leaf on this "wedding tree" and signed their name on the lead. clever clever. It turned out to be quite the full tree, and wonderful wall decoration. 
Peaches for the guests!  
Shoesies. A girls best friend. 
The wedding cakes and pies. I ate way too much of ...all of these that night. 
I got a little artsy fartsy on them. and they loved it. :) obviously. 
Cousins!  I have the cutest cousins in the world..and there are over 40 of them to choose from!
Our bouquets and all the flowers were to.die.for. Thanks to Erin Keller!  A mastermind she is. 
"Keys to a successful marriage" - everyone wrote advice on the keys and hung it over the door. 
(There ended up being way more than these three.)
Best Seesters/Bridesmaids in the world. If I do say so myself. 
Twas quite the event and we are so happy for it to be over :)  
Kirstin and David..welcome to blissful and eternal happiness 


  1. Adorable! You're a great blogger and have an amazing and gorgeous family. What else matters in the world? Haha

  2. This wedding is AMAZING! And the brides maids dresses are the cutest I have ever seen!