Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. Reliable

First off, let me tell you a little somethin somethin about this friendly feathered fluff ball.
Mr. Bliss Bag has been my faithful sidekick for a good 4 years now. 
Always there for me when I'm in need of comfort. 

When I am down, he is always there to cuddle me. 
When I am excited, he is there to cushion my jumps for joy
When I am stressed, he provides me with an excuse to be lazy.
When I'm in need of serious movie therapy, he screams YES PLEASE!

See what I mean? Always so supportive of my feelings. 
Who needs humans when you've got an overly agreeable orb of luxury. 
It goes without saying, that Mr. Bag comes with me wherever I go.
Regardless of how difficult he may be to transport, he has proved necessary to my sanity. 
Demonstrating this paramount need is my skillful art of stuffing and rolling. 
He rolled up some hills, through some bushes, slide across some sidewalk 
and got stuffed into a car for 40 minutes
Then got rolled across dead grass, and almost smooshed a grasshopper, stuff again through my new front door and into my beauty of a new room. 
*Let it be known that I did this all by myself, thank you very much*
Totally worth it.  I know he will not let me down in my new territory. 
*Also, I promise never to refer to a ball of feathers as a human being ever again.*

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  1. There are certain things we just cannot live without:) I love this post! Same bean bag from the condo??