Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall is my Fave

Most Pumpkin Bread!  What screams fall more than that!  Eat it now!
Best idea ever. Candy corn and flowers. 2 of my favorite inventions created.
My favorite fall outfit thus far. 
Cuddling in the crisp fall air. This will happen. Mark.My.Words.
Bath and Body Works fall candles.  A must have. Buy them here and now!
My first sighting of fall leaves.  This made my day. and believe me when I say..I needed my day to be made. "The Truck Story" is soon to come. 
J.Crew Fall Fashion Line. Yes please. 
So there you have it folks. A little fall-spiration. Cannot wait to put it into action.


  1. Only J. Crew could create knee-length skirts that actually look good. Also, I want to decorate my front door like that photo. Just lovely.

  2. All this autumn is making me homesick. Stupid Sicily, making me miss fall... Love the I heart autumn picture!