Thursday, July 7, 2011

Off to paradise....Once again

..And we are off. Another year of amazing fun in paradise. These were the oldest pictures I found on my computer from Lake Powell. Which was in 2008 I believe. 3 years ago. I also believe that this is our.....12th year attending the Lake Powell Festivities. and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Notice the missing DaniBree! We hadn't had the privilege of having you in our familia yet! But how it is so much better now that you are! and this year we will be adding another future in law. David! Kirstin's Fiance! Yay for family additions....and extreme height differences.
of course...glamour shots with the bestie! I miss this!
and more glamour shots! :)
A week of no phones, no computer, no internet, no texting, no worrying about being beautified, no clothes. just swimsuits, lotion, sun, water and sleeping under the most peaceful amazing stars you will ever see!

See you in a week!

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