Thursday, August 11, 2011

a few highlights

So I've realized that being the sister to an engaged woman is quite the exciting time. I must say these have been the most hectic, fun, exciting, tiring, stressful, amazing, happy days I have ever spent at home...and I'm not even the one whose getting hitched.

I have loved every minute of helping my beautiful sister and amazing mother plan this wedding. 2 days people. 2 days. Crazy how time flies. I have been trying to capture some of the highlights of what has been going on. So here are a few pictures explaining the past couple days.

Shopping. Of course. My sister begged me to help her pick out her wedding outfits...okay maybe I INSISTED on picking them out..but she absolutely loved all of my my insistence was successful. I loved picking out the cutest most expensive things in the store just for HER. (sarcasm) Apparently that's a perk of getting married. But I must say I managed to squeeze in a few items for myself..including those adorable blue wedges over thur, striped skirt, top and necklace for the wedding. We done good, if I do say so myself.
My sisters wedding will include a lot of vintage our arts and crafts have included sanding, distressing, cleaning, and dusting galore. Some items getting this treatment are the beloved vintage door and window frame we cleaned up and sanded down. Future reference: sandpaper hurts your fingers. Wear gloves.
Cleaned my car. Not all wedding preparations have to do with the bride ya know. I used Q-tips and all to shine that beauty. I let Becca do the foam brush. Such a gem she is.
My mom has had a few "blonde moments" if you will through all the wedding chaos. One including the time she put her sunglasses on, not even realizing the obvious deformity until we pointed it out. Bless her heart.
Qdoba. Oh Qdoba. What would I do without you. If you have never been blessed to partake of such goodness I rebuke you. Go now! Better than Chipotle and Cafe Rio combined.
Pedicures are a must when we sisters come home. Not to sound high maintenance...but the Asian ladies love us. So we do it for them. I especially love when I have to run last minute errands while in my paper thin makeshift flip flops and toe separators. I'm sure my post pedicure waddle was entertaining.
We visited the beloved reception site. It is going to be beautiful and I cannot wait.
Equipped with cutesy bunnies...
and crazy roosters ..who almost bit my foot off. Those things are dang territorial.
What would I do without colorado sunsets. My favorite.
Home at last. I love my home. I can't get enough of it.
Here's to crazy days and marriages. Here's to being home. Here's to families!

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  1. I just love you! You amaze me every day and I am so grateful for all your help throughout the past months and of course the past week. You are incredible and the best big sister ever!