Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Admiral's Insights

While interning in New York, we worked with Admiral Paul Yost.
He is a retired 4 star admiral in the U.S Coast Guard.
He is extremely talented, intelligent and wise.
Every once in a while he would give us interns enlightening parables of advice,
in hopes that we will maybe one day be half as insightful as Admiral.
We made sure to listen with both ears, heading to every word he spoke.

This story was my favorite:

A Russian peasant was walking along his pasture when he came along this nearly frozen bluebird. It was so close to death and he wanted to save its life.

He picked up the bluebird when they came along a steaming pile of dung. (Yes...dung).

He put the bluebird in the dung to warm it up. The bluebird was warmed right up and brought back to life. He was happily singing along, about to fly away when a wolf came along and ate the bluebird.

Moral of the story: He who puts you in it, isn't necessarily your enemy. and he who takes you out of isn't necessarily your friend.

So deep. So full of ...dung.

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  1. Oooh Admiral!! That was a classic tale. So glad you posted it!