Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was never a big believer of the moons aligning and fortune tellers. Magical dust and mood rings. The constellations predicting my every move. Yea, not so much.
But .. lately. the accuracy of the fortune teller star god's has been impecable. I have become a believer. A believer of the skies. If ever I am lost in my own thoughts, and confused about which direction to to take my life, I go to ...The Horoscope-Magnifique.
Like today...I was having a difficult time deciding where to move, where to work, who to date, how to get skinny and how to grow my hair longer. So, desperate times call for ...horoscope look up.
and BAM. all the answers. RIGHT THERE! Flippin' miracle worker.
But really. I did get a little discouraged today. With my whole no home, no job, no husband thing.
I started to feel a little like a failure...who has no direction in life, and is wasting away my life.
Way to be positive right?

So...once again. I turned to the heavenly gypsies with their magic 8 balls.
Look at what they told me:

"You may feel as if every step you take is being blocked today, but your attitude might just be the result of your frustration. If you are unhappy about what you are currently doing, suppressing your disappointment is not healthy. Avoiding your feelings can trick your psyche into unconsciously seeking out the negativity that you have pushed into the shadows. Rather than struggling to get your message across, consider what you need to learn before trying again."

Oh Libra Gods. How I love you.

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