Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Rad Grad Time

This is called : The Graduated Happy Girl Syndrome Picture.
It really was such a joy to attend all the graduation ceremonies and celebration.
It made me realize how lucky and blessed I was to be able to attend such an incredible University. It is truly one of a kind.
Filled with the joyful zoobies, cheesy love stories, frustrated perfectionists, and prayerful students...I couldn't have asked for more.
I am so grateful for the incredible friends, intelligent professors and inspiring classes that have got me to where I am now.....
(which is currently at home with mommy&'s beside the point.)
Eventually...It will get me places. I am sure of that...(I repeat this to myself 5x a day..It helps with the whole "believe in yourself" thing)
I sat in the back row right in the middle. I think my head is deep thought I'm sure. family was all in town!! YAY for family pictures! and flowery shadows on our faces.
I love these folks more than ever! Thanks for all your love and support. You's da best!
now....on to the next adventure: skydiving in 3 weeks!!!! I cannot wait!

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