Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dang Altitude

Leaving New York has left me with many floating and flurrying feelings

I'm weepie because I miss my city friends.
I'm chipper because I get to smell fresh colorado air.
I'm afflicted because I don't have a job and my mom is currently buying my cereal.
I'm reposed because I don't have a job and I could sleep all day....not that I do.
I'm distressed because I have to grow up.
I'm invincible because after New York I feel legit.

I'm elated to start running and working out again.
I'm irked because I used to be able to run 6 miles in Central Park...then..
Yesterday when I went to work out I got winded and passed out after running around a pond. Cool.
Today I can't sit down and stand up without groaning and shaking.

I blame it on the altitude. It's totally the altitude.
Darn Mile High City.

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