Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soul and Swag

A couple days ago I was invited to go to the Apollo Theater to see Amateur Night!
(This picture is way too dark, but I just had to document such a thrilling experience.)
My naivety got the best of me, because I really had no idea what this meant.
I soon found out this place has housed some of the most famous performers of all time, including:
It was filled with more soul and swag than I knew existed.
Bouncin', and halleluja-in', and MM HMM-in', and clappin' and hip movin'
I should have taken my gangsta pills before attending. darn it.
Instead, my date came in a suit and tie, and I politely crossed my legs and folded my arms while giving a quiet quaint clap after each performer.
Just kidding. Kinda.
It was an awesome experience.
I felt honored to be in the same room that Michael Jackson was once in.
Which then reminded me that at this time next year I will hopefully be attending his
Cirque du Soleil Immortal Tour at Madison Square Garden.
Considering I bought the tickets a year in advance..
(thinking it was actually this year. Blonde moment)
I better book my flight now. and figure out the other 3 guests i'll be bringing.
I'll take any sort of bribes or pamper treatments..starting now.


  1. oh em gee! nothing has made me regret my whiteness more than my evening at apollo theater.

  2. Reunion, next year!! We should. LOVE YOU!