Monday, October 31, 2011

Grown up room

So this one time when I was 22 I had a room that looked like I was 12. 
When I got home from New York I was determined to make a change. 
Something about being in The Big Apple makes you wanna be all grown up and stuff. 
That and the fact that I thought I was going to live at home till I was old and wrinkly. 
I guess living at home doesn't really go along with the whole grown up thing...but at least my parents would kiss me goodnight in a sophisticated living space?

So here is my goodbye video when I left for NY. Dont ask my why I needed to bid adieu to my room.
But im glad I have the documentation now. 
and here it is ladies and gents.what a breath of fresh air right?  I was suffocating in that disaster of color
Keep in mind it is still a work in progress.  I want to put maps of places I have lived in those frames on the wall.  I need to buy a couple more. Alaska, Colorado, Italy, New York, Utah and TBA ...soon. 
I spray painted this beauty while I was home for my birthday. I love the pop of color. 
My motivation wall.  My diploma. Gives me hope that I can accomplish things. 
The other picture was given to me by the LDS Public and International Affairs Office in the New York where I worked!  What a beautiful picture of the Manhattan Temple right?
This starts the swedish paraphernalia. Swedish ...dream catcher? (I love being Swedish)
Toy from Great Aunt Edna.  97 years old and still going strong!
Bless her swedish heart. 
8 year old Baptism dress, and baby confirmation dress, and 
swedish name plaque made by Farmar (Fathers mother in Swedish).
I love my "mature bed". My parents can kiss me goodnight in this bed at any age. 
Grown up-ness is not determined by who you live with...but by the color of your room. 


  1. love it all! i started to redo my room at home because that was the plan to move home, then as i took everything apart and it was a huge mess i met carl... oops! now there is a darling room i never got to live in haha!