Thursday, October 13, 2011

A red hot mess

A burning candle fell on my head. 

Traumatic? Yup. 
Literally hot? Yup. 
Figuratively hot? Definitely not. 

I was sitting in my corner.  Personal heater up cranked up, christmas music playing, and candle shining. 
All was happy well in the Anna home front. Until....
My picture slid into my chalkboard which knocked my candle
and all three landed ...on my head. 
Wax spilled and splattered everywhere. 
The smell of autumn apple quickly filled the room (but that part I liked).
I was surrounded by a hot red mess. literally. 
I was a hot red mess. literally. 
It looked like a flippin' war zone. 
So..after a few tears and calming my shaky hands, I got my mom on the phone. Necessity. 
And this is what I learned:
To get wax out of your hair:
Sandwich the waxed hair between two paper towels and directly point the blow dryer on covered hair. 
As the wax warms up it will stick to the paper towel and you pull the wax straight out.  
(may need to repeat up to 90 times) and if its still not all out try putting olive oil on your hair. yummy. 
To get wax out of clothes:
put a paper bag over the part with wax and iron over the paper bag. The wax will remelt and stick to the bag and come off the clothes.
To get wax off of books, pictures, floor etc:
blow the dryer on the wax and wipe off with towel. 
To avoid the disaster all together:
don't sit under lit candles. 
The good:
I put my waxed clothes in my car to iron at a friends. My car smelled like autumn apple for days.
My hair was super soft and supple after all that oil and thick-waxed-moisture.
I got to buy another candle. 

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