Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guilty service

I hate when I get guilted into doing something. Even worse, I hate when I feel guilty about being guilty.

After a long treck to a friends penthouse (I dont mean to brag about the penthouse...but kinda). On our way back to the office, we were kindly and abruptly stopped by 2 strapping young men on the street. The poor guys stand there all day and it was raining so I felt like I needed to give them my time. (#1 service deed). Steven gave me his shpeel about the starving children in 3rd world countries. He was talking a lot so I offered my umbrella to him. (2nd service deed). I was determined to not give into his selling points, but when he asked me if I had 73 cents a day to spare to give a child clean water and a meal, and I answered no..a rush of guilt blanketed, my usually warm giving soul.

Maybe it was my prayer that morning to be blessed with an opportunity to serve.
Maybe it was the picture on the front of his binder of the adorable little girl from Ecuador, desperately wanting food.
Maybe it was the empowerment this man so confidently gave me of the ability to save a life.
Maybe it was his charismatic smile.
Maybe it was the fact he wanted to be Facebook friends and asked for a hug.
So....I came home with numb toes, wet boots, paperwork, the promise to save a life, a new facebook friend and a warm heart. (service #3).

Mom - I gave them our Colorado when you receive the picture of the little girl from India and the bill of $22 a month, please remember, she needs us.
You will feel the same warmth in your heart as I did. I promise.
If you dont believe me. Ask my new Facebook friend Esteban.

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