Thursday, February 10, 2011

a special event

Apparently there is a restaurant in Soho called "Bubbys" with the best sour cream pancakes ever invented. We were excited to try such a world renown attraction.

Much to our dismay it closed right when we got there for a "special event".

Obviously they weren't aware of who we were, cause anyone else would have known that when we step into any place of our choice it automatically becomes "a special event".

your loss Bubby.
But we did take this cute picture with a cow.
Tiffany's on Wall Street. I aint complainin'.
I love diamond incrusted ceilings. So nice of them to put these up for us.
At least they knew we were "a special event".
(I'm pointing to the Wall Street sign)
I was super excited to be on Wall street. Made me feel like I was one of them.
You one of the smart finance people.

9/11 Memorial Site. So awesome. It's supposed to be done this September.
Surely I will come back for that.

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