Friday, January 7, 2011

And the journey begins...

Goodbye Christmas. Goodbye Colorado. Goodbye quiet city. Goodbye ...everything familiar

Hello gorgeous Manhattan! (pictures from the plane)
Hello my new home! See Central Park?! I live on the Upper West Side just to the left of it. I look out my door and can see the park.

There is a French Restaurant literally next door to the temple where I work. It has the most incredible food. All organic. Giving us an excuse to get dessert. So, naturally...we got two. Coconut Macaroons and a creamy, moist "Chocolate Duo". To. die. for.

There was quite the eclectic group in the Little Frenchie. So artsy. I was inspired. Now I only wanna eat vegan, organic foods, and only wear products that are eco friendly.

...yea right.

My parents and I saw Memphis in the Schubert Theater in Times Square. Incredible.
The talent these people have is mind boggling. Black people are so talented! I feel like they came out of the womb belting incredible tunes, hitting ridiculously high notes, and jumping insanely high. Lucky them. Lucky me that I get to enjoy it while sitting on my bum and envying their talent.

Ah the subway. Like no other place on earth. I would LOVE sit there and people watch ALL DAY long.

........But only if I could be invisible ...and sit in a king size Marriot bed ...while eating Peanut Butter M&M's ....and have candles all around me.

Don't judge.

The internet has been a sensitive subject lately. I havent found a very good signal in my apartment...and if anyone knows me, this makes for a miserable Anna.

no facebook
no hulu
no facebook
no blogging
no facebook

so I was exploring my aimlessly walking around with my laptop searching for a better signal. high and low. left and right.

EUREKA! A little nook by my front door. Im not complaining. I will suffer Numb Bum Syndrome for good internet sesh.

I think the non successful internet has something to do with my apartment being built before World War I and the fact that the router is out the door up the stairs and around the corner. Those poor people back in those days. If only they knew what they were missing out on.

But my apartment has character! Definite character. I will post pictures soon! My favorite parts are the creeeeeky floors and the 6 hot pipes that go through the living room to heat up the whole 600 square feet of my humble home.

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