Thursday, January 13, 2011

Incredible day

For starters, it was sunny. That always makes for some happiness. We went to lunch at this fantastic Bagel place on 80th and Broadway called H&H Bagels. We ate them in a two story Barnes and Noble. Totally added to the whole "New York Experience".
We visited my Bishop's Penthouse this afternoon. We had a planning session for a luncheon we are hosting for some pretty important people. This penthouse is incredible. I refrained from posting pictures for obvious reasons. But I wish you all could see what I saw. Windows surrounded the house. The view goes on for days. A dream. One of the guest speakers at this luncheon will be the founder of Rising Star Outreach. Another dream come true to meet her. She is an incredible woman. I am inspired.

This puddle is tricky. It may look harmless, but dont be deceived. It is quite possibly one of the deepest puddles I have ever never maybe accidentally stepped in. These puddles are on almost every corner on every sidewalk. creates more of a problem when the taxis drive through them, splashing the innocent pedestrians all over their tights and fur coats. There is a dry cleaners down the street I will visit soon.

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