Tuesday, January 25, 2011

back of the bus

we took the bus yesterday for the first time. we like the bus.
Rachael, the other intern, and adorable person, taught us how to ride the bus. Apparently we have to sit in the back because the elderly sit in the front. So we enjoyed a leisurely trip around Madison Ave on our way to the gymnasium. nbd.

We like the bus because :
1. you can sit down on slightly padded seats
2. you dont have to smell the stinky underground mold
3. you are less likely to catch a disease from a stranger, who isn't acting like a stranger, because he is so intimately invading your personal bubble, due to lack of standing room.

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  1. So i swore i posted a comment already but it must not have gone all the way through. Just wanted to say the first pic of you in HOTT! so pretty! For reals. Love you