Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking the night away

We started the day with sleeping in till 11 then watching The Social Network till 2 pm. (which was kinda a depressing movie ps), then going running in Central Park at 3. (pictures of that to come). Central park is incredible by the way. People were everywhere. Definitely will be making a habit of running in there every morning (high hopes). So make up for our semi lazy day, we decided to walk all over town. So...

We started our night in Soho, where we went to dinner in Soho. Such a cute place. Expensive Boutiques everywhere. A girls dream...well a rich girls dream..but still. We ate dinner at an amazing Cuban Restaurant then walked through China Town and Canal Street. I didn't realize it was really literally China Town. like..Chinese translations on everything. Makes sense I guess .

We walked across the Manhattan Bridge. Beautiful. Kinda chilly and a little creepy considering no one else was on that 9203 mile long bridge. But way cool! Kim carried around her pepper spray which she stores in her zip lock baggy in a zip pouch inside her zip close that made us feel safe.

We visited Brooklyn for all of 3 minutes and rode the Subway to Grand Central Station! Incredible! Reminded me of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We met some Military men who were more than willing to take our picture. We thanked them for serving our country and went our separate ways.

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  1. 9203 miles? that's a lot of miles for that bridge...
    BUT. So cool. China Town really is Chinese, who would have thought?!
    I love you. You're kinda really cultured. and pretty. :)
    And I love you again. and again.