Friday, January 21, 2011

yummy in my tummy

Welcome to the best cupcake shop EVER to exist.

after hours of debate of what flavor to choose and whether or not to share (dumb debate) I decided on the "half baked" cupcake all to myself. I dont regret it one bit. I HIGHLY recommend this place. plus, the workers were oh so helpful in our perfect cupcake search.

We were tempted to get one of these Colossal Cupcakes....but we refrained. next time. after one of our Central Park runs. It will help with the justification process.

Also...we saw Country Strong tonight. WAY good. I was totally hooked. I dont think I moved once during the whole movie. and the music is amazing. and Beau is hott. not to mention is manly stanley voice. yes please. and I cried. and sometimes I like crying.

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