Saturday, January 15, 2011


While walking through the streets of Times Square desperately searching for some supper, we stumbled across a man trying to sell Comedy Central tickets. With our BYU charm we politely turned down the tickets but asked for a food recommendation from non other than a true local.

"BBQ's" he said.
"You gots to go thur!"

...and there we went. Needless to say my BBQ chicken and corn bread were definitely my kind of southern style (as if I know any southern style).

I dont think I have ever felt more like a minority in my life. Definitely stood out like a sore thumb with my two pasty preppy pretties, but the people watching was priceless.
Great recommendation Jamal.

On our way home...(at 10:00 pm on a friday night in New York). But come on..what else are we supposed to do? Go clubbin' in our mini skirts and cleavage? yea...lackin a couple things there.
So....we ate more.

Magnolias Bakery! Amazing stuff. Pineapple, Banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Or in Magnolias terms...The Hummingbird cake. Melts in your mouth...
...Apparently so much that I couldn't delay another bite for a picture.

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