Tuesday, January 18, 2011

danger on the train

We met a red head Canadian the other day on the subway. She voluntarily told us of a crazy adventure she had the other night. I wanted to forward the story on to you for your entertainment and possibly provide you with an excellent learning opportunity.

"So I was comin' home from a long night out in the pub. I was completely hammered, and I mean totally sloshed. So I was wearing a Canadian Flag as a cape." (Naturally).
"I wanted to show my pride for my people. I was running onto the subway, stubblin' a little bit, and I luckily made it right into the train when the subway doors were closin'. I got to my stop, luckily, and right when I jumped off, the doors closed and my cape got stuck in the train. I was literally dragged by my neck for at least 5 feet. I needed my cape, but I also needed my life, so as you can see this was a problem. I yelled and waved my arms, so he stopped the train opened the doors I got my cape out and went home."
"I'm lucky to be alive"

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