Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Boston Bennys

Welcome to Boston! These are a few of the many wonderful things we encountered on our adventurous trip. I don't know which I enjoyed more. The Marriott bedding, or dining where Benny Franklin used to dine.. Both made the trip fabulous.
Boston Cream Pie from the place of its birth - The Omni Parker Hotel.
This hotel has also housed Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for various rendezvous.
John F. Kennedy also announced his candidacy for Congress here.
Truly an honor to be where Johnny once was.
My seester was a little creeped out by this. I guess she'll end up in Boston.

Medallions for the fallen soldiers.
Where Benny Franklin used to eat Oysters.
Quincy Market

Good ol' Freedom Trail. He led us good.

I think they missed a number and a half.
And this is where the term was coined.
Dear General Hooker.
He had many wives.
And he had all this.
And ended up with a statue in his honor.
Little did he know the impact he would have on America's modern day....floozy.

Mr. Harvard. I kept having flashbacks to The Social Network. Sad I know. My thoughts should have been on something more historic...like Legally Blonde? Harvard Law?
Regardless..I rubbed Mr. Harvards toe for good luck. An apparent tradition due to his shiny left toe.

Benny Affleck (I still can't decide which Benny I like more. Franklin or Affleck. Both have done so much for our country and I can't thank them enough). and Jennifer Garners house. We sat outside for a good hour awaiting their arrival. They didn't come so we left them a love note, some chocolates and our phone numbers. Can't wait for our celeb debute.

Last, but surely not least. We ran into an Anthropologie in Cambridge. How convenient.

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  1. Anna!!

    Here I am stalking your blog! Love it. And loooooove that you took a trip to Boston. Boston is the love. of. my. life! Quincy market, the freedom trail, all of it is amazing and I'm glad you were able to experience it!! Should be starting to buzz even bigger now that opening day is upon them!!