Thursday, March 31, 2011

Das all you want?

Roommies and I decide to go see hottie Bradley Cooper in Limitless tonight.
As we pass the food stand we suddenly realize how hungry we are. Convenient.
We each decide on our lesser junk food orders to help enhance our feature film experience.
Until we suddenly and sadly realize the impossibly rude and painstakingly large white numbers plastered on the way-too-greasy-but-oh-so-delicious food.
The Calorie Count. Dun Dun Dun.
After much debate over what is more worth it, the yummy goodness in our tummies or the fatty fattness in our everywhere elses, I go to the counter with my mind made up.

Me: Can I just have a bottled water.
AMC Man: Oh what?! Girl...das all you want?
Me: well, no...but I can't seem to get myself to buy a 2,000 calorie stacked pretzel
AMC Man: Dang....No way!...You's in great shape. You ain't gotta worry bout dat.
Me: You don't know I'm in great shape. I'm in a puffy coat.
AMC Man:'s gettin' fat?
Me: well...that's what im trying to prevent.
AMC Man: oh okay okay. well girl. don't you be a beautiful thang no matta yo size.
Me: (Walk away smiling)

And that ladies and how you make a girl feel special.
and another reason why I love this city.


  1. This is hilarious and completely made me smile. So glad you are having fun dearest.


  2. He's right. You are a beautiful thang.