Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drip Drop

It all started with a light drip.
From the ceiling.

It was a rainy afternoon. We were tired and comfy and warm. And the soft pitter patter of the rain against the roof was calming....until the pitter patter became a splitter splatter.

We had a leaking ceiling. So we put a bucket under the drip drop for a quick remedy and forgot about the menial problem.

Until the drip drop became a flippin huge bubble in our ceiling.
That we had to pop...with an unstable ladder, a bread knife and a crock pot.

Yucky ceiling water
equals unhappy roommate time
But don't you worry. We moved our landlords' precious dresser out of the room, because apparently that is all he is worried about. Never mind our fragile lives and expensive shoes.

and don't worry that he was supposed to come by yesterday to patch the hole, and conveniently forgot, as he kindly reassures us that it wont rain for another 3 days...so "he's gots time to fix da problem"
Awesome Mr. Michael Landlord. Awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Kelleen and Kim! So handy with that knife and pot! You are good to have around! And so glad Anna was there to document.