Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dearly Beloved Sista

Welcome to the Conference of the Status of Women at the U.N.

This conference was nothing short of the most female pride, hand raising excitement and hallelujah shoutin' I have ever seen.
while the four white girls in the room never felt more awkwardly minority-tized in their lives.
Queen Mother Africa sure wore the pants in this relationship.
But then again, if I had a turban that large and a glare that piercing
I would take over any room I entered too.
From Queen Mothers, to Mayors of Nigeria to Princesses in Africa -
These womens gots it goin' onnnnn!
Callin' each other "my dearly beloved sista" like it aint no thang.
I can only hope that one day
the Queen Mother of Africa will call me her "Dearly Beloved Sista".
What a blessed day that would be.


  1. loving the new blog design love :)

  2. Oh Anna, my dearly beloved Sista!! How I love this post...and you!