Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is my cousin Jayci.
She is the most caring, nurturing, best mommy substitute I have ever had.
Thus my excitement for getting to see her three weekends while I've been east-coasting it.
She takes care of me. She spoils me.
1. She welcomed me to her city with raisins and O.J. Just what I was craving.
2. She tweezed the splinter out of my little toe.
3. She kindly offered me her memory foam equipped bed..when in reality the blow up mattress looked just as appealing compared to my "Funton" back in NYC. (Little did I know, the magic that her bed works. I felt like a new woman).
4. She laughs at all my jokes. (I'm usually the only one laughing).
5. She drives me places, and understands the excitement I get from riding in a car these days.
Plus, she is absolutely stunningly beautiful.

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