Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Double Take

Yesterday I went running. It was a nice run.
Blastin' the tunes. Site seein'. Trippin' over random dog leashes.
Quite enjoyable.

After my run I was doing my normal stretching routine. You know...the one where you put your leg up on a fence post and reach for your toes and act like you can easily touch them...when in reality you struggle to reach mid-shin.

I was distracted by my stretching abilities and the newly switched song on my ipod. "Beyonce - Ego". look it up. It will change your life. While warmin up my pipes and bobbing my head a bit, maybe workin my groove thang, I quickly looked to my left to find a man running in place. In embarrassment for my way-too-seductive-stance and inappropriate dance moves I quickly apologized and moved out of his way.

He thanked me in his deep, charming voice, smiled and ran along his merry way.

Shortly after his passage, I realized that he could potentially be semi attractive. So I turned to look at his backside, to pleasantly find out he too wanted to take a peek at mine.

This proceeded to happen 2 more times as I awkwardly stood there with a girlish grin, until he turned the corner, and vanished.
I walked inside and melted. I will soon forget about him.
But until then....
Mr. Cute Running Man: please coincidentally run by me again. I'll join you next time.
I know we weren't on a beach and MY Mr. Running Man had on more clothes than this, and wasn't QUITE this happy to see me, but you get the picture.

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