Monday, March 14, 2011

North face and Scruff

Welcome to the land of North Face and Cannolis. The land of Harvard goers, history lovers and scruffy faced-dont-do-your-hair boys. What a pleasure it was to venture to Massachusetts this weekend. One of a kind trip. Here are a few treasures we found a long the way. More to come soon.
I can't tell you of the excitement I get when I see my name written big on a building. It's some sort of pride thing I think. Like seeing my name written 10x bigger than everyone else's makes me that much cooler than everyone else.

Where they used to meet for church. They meaning the colonial families and people....back those days....

Dear Ben. We wanted to sign The Declaration of Independence on invisible paper in your honor. You're welcome.
I dont know why I had such troubles getting on this donkey....
poor bum
Kimberlini obviously had no difficulties

Messiest most delicious thing I've ever tasted. Who would have thought that a waffle filled with cheese would be good?
please disregard the cheesy (no pun intended) awkward smile.
More pictures to come .....

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